1000W IPG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Tube Supplier

Looking for a powerful and precise fiber laser cutting machine? Look no further than the 1000W IPG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from Tube Supplier. This top-of-the-line machine is perfect for cutting through even the thickest materials with ease.

Fiber Laser Cutters: Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

Fiber laser cutting machines are revolutionizing the processing of metal tubes and pipes. Compared to traditional CO2 or plasma methods, fiber lasers deliver superior speed, precision, efficiency and lower operating costs when cutting tubes and pipes made of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass and more.

Advanced fiber laser technology available from leading suppliers like IPG Photonics and Raycus allows tube cutting at extremely high speeds (up to 40m/min) and with positioning accuracy down to ±0.03mm. These automated CNC-controlled machines can handle tubes in different shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses.

Key benefits of fiber laser tube cutting include:

  • High precision cuts with no deformation or distortion
  • Smooth, clean edges needing minimal post-processing
  • Low maintenance requirements and operating costs
  • Flexible setups to cut various tube sizes, shapes and thicknesses

With this superior performance and reliability, manufacturers of parts for the automotive, aerospace, energy, construction and other industries are rapidly adopting fiber laser tube cutting.

1000W Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Specifications

1000W fiber lasers are a popular choice for industrial tube and pipe cutting needs. Some key specifications of a typical 1000W fiber laser tube cutting machine are:

  • Laser Power: 1000W, upgradable to 1500W, 2000W, 3000W or 4000W
  • Materials: Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass etc. Up to 10-20mm thickness depending on material hardness
  • Speed: Up to 40m/min maximum cutting speed
  • Precision: ±0.03mm positioning accuracy
  • Cutting Area: 1.5m x 3m standard, customizable upto 6m length

These heavy-duty CNC machines have a rigid steel frame structure and a large shuttle table to handle tubes. They use advanced components like IPG or Raycus fiber laser sources, linear drives for smooth and precise motion, and programmable logic controllers for cutting automation.

Leading Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Manufacturers

China has emerged as a major production hub for fiber laser cutting equipment including tube and pipe cutters.

Some major suppliers with extensive expertise and technical capabilities include:

  • Hymson Laser – offers a full range of tube and sheet cutting solutions.
  • Jinan Lingxiu Laser Equipment – specializes in laser cutting equipment including tube cutters.
  • Accurl Machine Tools – leading fiber laser machine manufacturer, including tube cutting models.

These established manufacturers have advanced in-house production facilities and R&D infrastructure for fiber laser equipment. They offer customized tube cutting solutions tailored to customer requirements and provide exceptional after-sales technical support.

Choosing the Right Fiber Laser Tube Cutter Supplier

With many options available, buyers need to carefully assess suppliers based on several parameters:

Technology and Capabilities

  • Advanced fiber laser technology – for speed, power efficiency and beam quality
  • Custom engineering – tailor-made solutions for different materials, sizes, production volumes etc
  • R&D expertise – in-depth know-how of laser cutting processes and applications

Customer Service and Support

  • Technical support – extensive pre-sales and post-sales application engineering
  • Global service network – for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Demos – options to test material cutting before purchase

Reputation and Experience

  • Proven track record – long presence established in fiber laser industry
  • Case studies – client reviews and project samples to showcase experience
  • Certification – internationally accredited quality certifications

Carefully vetting suppliers on above parameters helps determine the best partner for your fiber laser tube cutting needs.

Key Considerations When Buying a Fiber Laser Tube Cutter

Critical aspects to evaluate when purchasing a fiber laser tube cutting machine:

Machine Specifications

  • Laser power – 1000W, 1500W, 3000W etc.
  • Cutting range – tube lengths and diameters that can be accommodated
  • Precision – positioning accuracy levels
  • Speed – maximum cutting speeds etc.

Material Compatibility

  • Types of metals – stainless steel, mild steel etc.
  • Thickness – determine max thickness that needs cutting
  • Hardness – choose laser wattage based on material hardness

Production Requirements

  • Batch sizes – low vs high volume needs
  • Changeovers – frequency of material/dimension changeovers
  • Target output – production volumes to be achieved

Operating Environment

  • Space available – machine footprint and ergonomics
  • Power supply – compatibility with local electric supply
  • Auxiliary requirements – compressed air, exhaust etc.

Cost Considerations

  • Machine investment – base price plus shipping, taxes etc.
  • Operating costs – power consumption, gas utilization etc.
  • Ancillary costs – installation, training etc.

Evaluating above parameters and choosing the right match allows maximizing the benefits of fiber laser tube cutting.


Fiber laser tube cutting machines offer immense advantages over traditional methods allowing manufacturers to cut metal tubes and pipes with unmatched speed, precision and efficiency.

Leading Chinese manufacturers like Hymson, Jinan Lingxiu and Accurl provide technologically advanced equipment built on years of experience. They offer tailored solutions to meet exact production needs and provide exceptional service and support.

Carefully considering key buying factors will ensure finding the best fiber laser tube cutting partner to gain a competitive edge. With capabilities far beyond older technologies, fiber laser tube cutters represent the future for metal tube and pipe cutting industry.