CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) fiber laser cutting machines utilize a high-power fiber laser and CNC motion control system to precisely cut metal and other materials. Compared to traditional CO2 or nitrogen lasers, fiber lasers offer higher …

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CNC (Computer Numerical Control) fiber laser cutting machines utilize a high-power fiber laser and CNC motion control system to precisely cut metal and other materials. Compared to traditional CO2 or nitrogen lasers, fiber lasers offer higher cutting speeds, greater precision, and the ability to cut reflective metals like copper and brass. Major benefits of CNC fiber lasers include:

  • Smaller spot size for more detailed and intricate cuts
  • Faster cutting speeds up to 5 times faster than CO2
  • Higher quality cuts with less slag, burrs, and heat affected zones
  • Ability to cut highly reflective materials like aluminum and copper
  • Lower running costs and reduced maintenance
  • More energy efficient overall

As a result of these advantages, CNC fiber laser cutting machines have seen rapid adoption and are widely used in metal fabrication shops in industries like automotive, aerospace, construction equipment, electronics, and more.

Top CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

There are over a dozen major manufacturers producing CNC fiber laser cutting machines globally. The top vendors known for performance, reliability, and technology leadership include:


Founded in Germany in 1923, TRUMPF is the world’s market leader and #1 manufacturer of industrial lasers and laser systems. Their extensive CNC fiber laser portfolio includes:

  • TruLaser Series 5000 – High-end machines for flat sheet metal processing
  • TruLaser Series 3000 – Flexible all-rounders for small to large production runs
  • TruLaser Tube Series – Specifically designed for tube and profile cutting
  • TruMark Series – Industry-leading laser marking systems

With over 14,000 cutting machines installed globally, TRUMPF has the widest range of solutions from small standalone machines up to highly automated laser cutting cells.


Bystronic, headquartered in Switzerland, is another dominant player in fiber laser cutting equipment. Their fiber laser cutting machine lineup includes:

  • ByStar Fiber – High-speed 3D cutting with intelligent automation
  • BySprint Fiber – Compact machines with external rotary axis
  • BySmart Fiber – Entry-level automated fiber laser cutting

Key highlights of Bystronic’s technology include a “ByVision” cut process monitoring system and “BySort” intelligent robotic part handling to automate the cutting workflow. Bystronic has installed over 2500 fiber laser cutting systems worldwide as of 2022.


As a leading machine tool manufacturer based in Japan, Mazak offers advanced fiber laser cutting machines including:

  • OPTIPLEX 3015 FIBER – 3kW high-speed fiber laser cutting machine
  • OPTIPLEX 3015 DUAL – Combination fiber & CO2 laser system
  • VARIAXIS – 5-axis trunnion style fiber laser cutting machine

Mazak is known for ultra-fast cutting speeds along with unique 5-axis and combination laser technologies. Over 200,000 Mazak CNC systems have been installed globally.


Founded in Japan back in 1946, Amada has continually been at the forefront of laser technology development including:

  • ENSIS-3015 AJ Fiber – Oscillator & booster fiber laser cutting
  • EML-3015 AJ Fiber – Compact high-performance fiber laser machines
  • VENTIS-3015 AJ Fiber – 5-axis fiber laser cutting system

Amada laser cutting machines stand out for their energy efficiency, reliability, and advanced safety concepts. Over 450,000 Amada machines have been installed worldwide.

Han’s Laser

China-based Han’s Laser, established in 2007, has grown rapidly to become one of the largest fiber laser cutting equipment suppliers globally:

  • TLF Series – High precision fiber laser cutting machines
  • TCS2 Series – Tube & pipe fiber lasers
  • FTC Series – Gantry style fiber laser cutting machines

Han’s Laser cutting machines deliver robust performance at competitive prices, making them popular choices in emerging markets and for budget-conscious buyers.

The above profiles cover 5 of the most prominent established manufacturers of CNC fiber laser cutting equipment for industrial fabrication and production applications. Additional companies like IPG Photonics, Coherent, Prima Industrie, and Tianqi also produce capable fiber laser cutting machinery. Reach out to any of these vendors directly for pricing details and to find the right CNC fiber laser solution for your manufacturing needs.


Fiber laser cutting machines represent the latest evolution in laser cutting technology. With intelligence automation capabilities, fiber lasers boost cutting speeds and precision while reducing operating costs compared to traditional laser cutters. Major global manufacturers like TRUMPF, Bystronic, Mazak, Amada, and Han’s Laser offer a wide range of CNC fiber laser cutting machines tailored different materials, production volumes, precision needs and budgets. Connect with a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer today to improve and modernize your manufacturing operations.

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