Looking to Purchase an Exquisite Stone CNC Machine?

Are you in search of an affordable and aesthetically pleasing stone CNC machine that can effortlessly carve personalized relief sculptures for your custom business? Perhaps you envision creating magnificent 3D Buddha head statues, transforming stones …

Looking to Purchase an Exquisite Stone CNC Machine?

Are you in search of an affordable and aesthetically pleasing stone CNC machine that can effortlessly carve personalized relief sculptures for your custom business? Perhaps you envision creating magnificent 3D Buddha head statues, transforming stones into true works of art, utilizing a rotary attachment? Or maybe you aspire to acquire an automatic stone carving machine to craft headstones and gravestones, commemorating the memory of your beloved family and friends, or even establishing a tombstone business of your own?

Are you in need of a cutting-edge 3-axis, 4-axis, or 5-axis CNC bridge saw, precisely tailored for custom kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops, in order to elevate your home improvement enterprise to new heights? If so, your search ends here. Welcome to the realm of Hymson Laser, your ultimate destination, catering to all your needs and budgetary requirements. As the most esteemed manufacturer and provider of both hobbyist and industrial CNC machines, specifically designed for stone carving, engraving, cutting, and polishing,

Hymson Laser guarantees not only a cost-effective investment but also offers complimentary expert customer service and support. Embark on an enlightening journey as we explore a comprehensive and immensely practical buying guide, tailor-made for all stone fabricators.

Looking to Purchase an Exquisite Stone CNC Machine?

Definition of a Stone CNC Machine

In essence, a stone CNC machine epitomizes an automated power tool, enriched with a computer numerical controller, meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning needs of both hobbyists and industrial manufacturers alike. This extraordinary marvel of engineering facilitates the customization of stone machining for a myriad of applications, including but not limited to artwork, decorations, souvenirs, gifts, crafts, tombstones, and even home improvement projects. Endowed with the capability of carving, engraving, cutting, and polishing an extensive range of stone types, such as basalt, granite, quartzite, limestone, marble, onyx, jade, travertine, alabaster, sandstone, slate, and even soapstone, the possibilities are truly boundless.

Applications of Stone CNC Machines

Unveiling the Vast Realm of Possibilities

The Stone Industry

Immerse yourself in a world adorned with opulent materials, encompassing the likes of granite, marble, quartzite, slate, sandstone, alabaster, basalt, jade, limestone, travertine, artificial stone, and the profound significance of tombstones, headstones, cemeteries, and memorials.

Kitchenware Transformation

Indulge your senses as you witness the metamorphosis of slate countertops, artificial quartz countertops, artificial marble table tops, ceramic tiles, and captivating kitchen decorations, all meticulously designed to enhance the allure of your sink, oven, and cooktop.

Artistic Decorations

Unleash your creative prowess as you delve into the realm of stone crafts, gifts, jewelry, wall decorations, building embellishments, portraits, Buddha statues, and a pantheon of other exquisite stone artworks, bound to captivate the senses.

The Enchanting World of Woodworking

Witness the manifestation of unparalleled artistry, as the stone CNC machine breathes life into every intricately carved chair, door, window, bed, cabinet, kitchenware, classical and antique redwood furniture, and even elaborate European sculptures.

Mold Making Marvels

Embrace the limitless potential of stone CNC machines, stretching beyond the realms of stone itself. Venture into the art of mold making, transcending copper, aluminum, building models, shoes, badges, embossed molds, biscuits, candies, chocolate molds, artificial marble, plastic, PVC, wood, and foam.

The Power of Advertising

Marvel at the transformative prowess of stone CNC machines as they shape the very foundation of advertising. Be it billboards, signage, badges, logos, company plates, signs, emblems, display panels, fair signs, building numbers, or captivating 3D characters, let your imagination run wild.

Specifications and Options

Embrace Perfection through Personalization

Brand: Hymson Laser

Model Options: STS4040, STS6090, STS1318, STS1325, STS1330, STS1420, STS1530, STS2513, STS3113

Table Sizes: 2′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′

Compatible Materials: A plethora of stone types

Axis Configurations: 3-axis, 4-axis, 4th axis, 5-axis

Capabilities: 2D Machining, 2.5D Machining, 3D Machining

Control Software: Type3, UcanCAM, ArtCAM, AlphaCAM

Operating Systems: Mach3, Nc-studio, Syntec, DSP, Siemens, Nk200, Nk260, NK300

Price Range: Starting from $2,800.00, extending up to $34,800.00

How to Harness the Potential of Your Stone CNC Machine?

Unlocking the Gateway to Artistry

Step 1: Preamble

Before igniting the creative fire within, meticulous preparation is paramount. Ensure the seamless connection of your machine tool with the computer, powering on both devices, initiating the program, and immersing yourself in the enchanting realm of the operating system.

Step 2: Origin Calibration

Navigate the labyrinthine menu of the control system, meticulously selecting the sacred sanctum of returning to the origin. By correcting the origin coordinates, a harmonious symphony between man and machine is forged, paving the way for an artistic odyssey like no other.

Step 3: Loading the Elixir of Creativity

Breathe life into your visions by loading the hallowed halls of the processing program. Within the ethereal confines of the standard file operation dialog box, delicately choose the path, drive, and file name of the desired creation. With a mere click of the open button, the essence of your artistic manifestation is infused into the sacred system.

Step 4: Nurturing the Birth of Masterpieces

Align the cosmos to the predetermined position on the chosen workpiece, meticulously manipulating the X and Y axes to orchestrate a symphony of perfection. Select the sanctified menu, consecrating the current point as the origin of your artistic endeavor. Alternatively, cleanse the coordinate window of any lingering vestiges of the current position. Through this act, the processing program embarks on its majestic journey, springing to life from the sacred wellspring of your chosen starting point.

Hymson Laser: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

1. Personalized Consultation

Upon receiving your requirements, we will meticulously select the most suitable CNC machine specifically designed for stone crafting. To facilitate this, we kindly request you to inform us about the kind of material you wish to work with, and the maximum dimensions of the stone (Length x Width x Thickness).

2. Tailored Quotation

Following the consultation, we will present you with a detailed and comprehensive quotation regarding the CNC stone router that fits your needs. In this quotation, we ensure that you will receive the most suitable specifications, top-tier accessories, and the most competitive price.

3. Process Evaluation

In order to ensure mutual understanding and seamless cooperation, both parties will meticulously scrutinize all the specifics (encompassing technical parameters, specifications, and business terms) of the order.

4. Order Placement

Once all your inquiries and doubts have been addressed, we will send you a Proforma Invoice (PI). Subsequently, we will formalize our agreement by signing a contract.

5. Production

On receiving your signed sales contract and deposit, we will promptly commence the production of your CNC stone cutting machine. Throughout the production process, we will provide you with regular updates and keep you informed about the production status.

6. Quality Control

We adhere to a strict quality control protocol, where the entire production procedure is under continuous inspection. The fully-assembled CNC stone cutting machine will undergo rigorous testing to ensure flawless operation prior to leaving the factory.

7. Delivery

Following the agreement as per our contract and the confirmation from you, we will proceed to arrange for the delivery.

8. Custom Clearance

We ensure a hassle-free custom clearance process by providing all the necessary shipping documents to you.

9. Support and Service

Our commitment to you extends beyond the point of sale. We offer unparalleled technical support and service through various channels such as Phone, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, and Online Live Chat. We also provide Remote Service and, in some areas, door-to-door service.


Before operating the machine, always verify the lubrication status of the accessories and ascertain whether the protection device is adequate for the processing requirements.

During operation, diligently observe for any indications of loosening in the accessories. If such signs are evident, immediately cease the machine operation to prevent any damage during the stone processing phase, thus averting unnecessary business losses.

Once the machine attains a certain speed, it is crucial to remain vigilant of the surrounding environment to prevent unwanted collisions.

In case of any abnormal noise emanating from the machine, stop the operation instantly and ascertain whether the issue is intrinsic to the machine.

Throughout the stone machining process, avoid haphazardly stacking tools and workpieces on the machine, and refrain from touching the rotating accessories when in motion.

Upon completion of operation, ensure to meticulously clean the machine and tidy up the workspace before disconnecting the power supply.

Stone carving typically entails relief work, and the power is usually set at a higher level. Should you encounter a hard stone, the carved figure may appear darker. To lighten the color of the carved stone, consider increasing the carving speed and performing multiple operations. Keep in mind that different stone materials may emit some oily fume when carved, which can be carefully wiped off with a damp rag. If the stone is unpainted, a residue may remain after wiping, causing a defaced surface, which could impact sales.

When cutting stone, the cutting depth is generally shallow. If you need to cut very thick stone, consider reducing the cutting speed and adopting layered cuts, to prevent the knife from breaking. During specific operations, repeated cutting can be employed.

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