Get Your Hands on the Best Portable Laser Welding Machine at Unbeatable Prices

Looking for a top-quality portable laser welding machine? Look no further than us! Our machines are available at unbeatable prices and will help you get the job done right.

Get Your Hands on the Best Portable Laser Welding Machine at Unbeatable Prices

Portable laser welding machines from Hymson Laser offer unmatched versatility, precision, and efficiency for industrial welding applications. Compared to traditional welding methods, Hymson’s portable laser welders enable businesses to achieve higher quality welds in hard-to-reach areas quickly and cost-effectively.

What is Laser Welding?

Laser welding is a non-contact welding process that uses a highly focused, high-energy laser beam to melt and fuse materials together. The laser beam is focused on the joint between two pieces of metal, heating it to melting point and causing coalescence.

Unlike traditional arc welding, laser welding is extremely precise with a narrow weld zone. It also minimizes heat damage and warping. Laser welding can operate at high speeds while producing neat, clean welds of exceptional quality.

Benefits of Laser Welding

Hymson’s portable laser welding machines provide the following advantages:

  • Extreme precision: With spot sizes as small as 0.2mm, intricate and detailed welds are possible.
  • Reduced heat input: Less heat damage and warping compared to other welding methods.
  • Faster welding speeds: Capable of rapid welding for boosted productivity.
  • Ease of automation: Simpler to automate laser welding processes.
  • Accessibility: The laser’s flexibility makes welding possible in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Material versatility: Effective on metals like steel, aluminum, copper, and more.
  • Minimal cleanup: Neat welds with no splatter or waste.

Laser welding is used across industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, batteries, and jewelry.

Why Choose Hymson Portable Laser Welders?

Hymson delivers exceptional build quality combined with thoughtful design. Their portable laser welding machines offer unmatched benefits:

Power and Precision

With adjustable power from 30W to 100W, Hymson laser welders can handle materials from 0.05mm to 6mm thickness. The narrow 0.2mm spot size enables detailed, intricate welds.

Lightweight and Mobile

Weighing just 15kg, these ultra-compact units are easy to transport and position for welding. The lightweight head enables access to confined spaces.

Intuitive Controls

Settings like power, pulse width and operating modes are easily adjustable on the full-color touchscreen. Programming custom welding procedures is straightforward.

Low Operating Costs

Very little maintenance is required thanks to a sealed optical path with no consumables. Power efficiency of 30% helps minimize energy consumption.

Built-in Camera

The integrated camera and coaxial red laser pointer assist with joint alignment before welding. This enables precise positioning.

Turnkey Solution

Hymson’s portable laser welding machines come fully equipped and ready to use out of the box. All necessary accessories are included.

With power, precision, portability and thoughtful design, Hymson delivers exceptional laser welders suitable for prototyping, short production runs, and on-site welding.

Laser Welding Machine Applications

Hymson’s portable laser welding systems enable high-quality precision welding for:

  • Automotive industry – Door hinges, seat frames, fuel tank flanges
  • Aerospace and aviation – Engine components, aircraft fittings
  • Medical devices – Catheters, implants, surgical tools
  • Electronics – Mobile phones, laptops, circuit boards
  • Batteries – Battery packs, cells, tabs and interconnects
  • Jewelry – Rings, chains, custom pieces

How Does Laser Welding Work?

Laser welding relies on the focused heat energy of a laser beam to melt and join metals. It works as follows:

  1. The laser beam is generated within the resonator cavity containing special optical components and a gain medium.
  2. Lenses within the beam delivery system focus the laser into a tiny, high-energy spot at the workpiece.
  3. The intense heat from the focused laser melts the joint area between two pieces of metal placed close together.
  4. The molten pool then solidifies, fusing the metals together into a strong, leak-tight weld.
  5. Filler metal can optionally be added for deeper welds. The laser beam moves across the parts to create longer seam welds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are portable laser welding machines?

Portable laser welders are compact, lightweight welding systems that utilize a focused laser beam to melt and fuse metals together. Their portability makes them easy to transport and position.

How to choose the right laser welding machine?

Consider your application, materials, weld joint accessibility, weld speed and accuracy needed. Also factor in available power, portability requirements and budget. Discuss your project with manufacturers like Hymson to find the best laser welding system for your needs.

What are the benefits of laser welding over traditional welding?

Compared to MIG, TIG or spot welding, laser welding offers extreme precision, faster speeds, deeper penetration, reduced heat input and warping, minimal cleanup, access to confined spaces, ease of automation, and material versatility.

Why are Hymson’s portable laser welders a great choice?

Hymson delivers exceptional build quality combined with adjustable power from 30-100W, a precise 0.2mm spot size, lightweight 15kg mobile head, intuitive touchscreen controls, sealed optics requiring minimal maintenance, integrated camera, and turnkey accessories.

Interested businesses should contact Hymson Laser to request a personalized quote. Their team of experts can advise you on selecting the optimal portable laser welding system to suit your welding, soldering and brazing needs while fitting your budget.