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Hymson laser is a laser welding machine supplier in China, and we offer excellent laser beam quality with the newest technology and high-speed laser welding machine China. 

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The manual laser welding machine integrates the fiber laser, handheld welding head, laser control system, safe beam emission system, and cooling system. The machine is compact, beautiful, and easy to move to allow the customer to be not confined by space when selecting the location and scope of work.  Hymson provides small laser welding machine for sale, such as 1000w laser welding machine.


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With the emergence of the latest laser technology, laser welding technology have become popular. The laser welding machine is a precise and efficient welding method that uses a high-energy-density laser beam as a heat source to allow metal parts to be assembled. The laser welding machine can effectively combine the molecular layers of the weld and realize the seamless joint of the weld. The Laser Welding Small Machine adopts optical fiber to transmit high energy density beams. The laser beam emitted through the handheld welding head welds stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. It is flexible and convenient to operate.

Unlike the other traditional welding processes, cnc laser welding machine can accomplish the job in much lesser time. The Laser Welding Machine is equipped with a single-mode continuous fiber laser and provides high beam quality. The industrial laser welding machines adopt the modular and water-cooling way, with the system highly integrated, with continuously adjustable laser power, and is free from maintenance and highly reliable.

The speed of the welding process, as well as its ability to control the quality of welding during the operation and its high level of automation, make laser welding a widely used method in many industrial sectors such as the medical industry, electronics, toolmaking, and the automotive sector.

Hymson laser is a laser welding machine supplier in China, and we offer excellent laser beam quality with the newest technology and high-speed laser welding machine China. Moreover, we provide hand laser welding machine with a low handheld fiber laser welding machine price for product welding which features low-cost, high-quality, fast response, rich selection, one-stop solution, etc.

The laser welding machine is a machine that uses high-energy pulse laser to irradiate the workpiece to achieve the purpose of welding. It can adjust the energy of pulse laser by setting different laser frequency and pulse width, so as to weld the workpiece accurately. Types of laser welding machines

You will be pleasantly surprised with its dramatically faster welding speed and super productivity. Master metalwork in just a few hours. Need a powerful welding solution to solve your multi-welding challenges? Our auto laser welder not only amazes you with consistent fine welds, but capabilities to weld hard-to-reach welding areas.

It can be welded under special conditions (such as closed spaces). machine. The laser welding machine can weld special materials such as refractory materials of high melting point metals, and can even be used for welding machines of non-metal materials such as ceramics. It has good effect on welding special materials and has great flexibility.

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