Best Quilting Fabric Cutting Machines in 2024

Looking to create beautiful quilts without all the hassle? Check out our quilting fabric cutting machine! With this machine, you can create quilts easily and quickly, without all the fuss.

Quilting Fabric Cutting Machine: Create Beautiful Quilts with Ease

Quilters know that accurate fabric cutting is the foundation of a successful quilt. Using the best quilting fabric cutting machine saves time and effort while allowing more creativity in the piecing and quilting process.

After extensive research, I have identified the top quilting fabric cutters that will revolutionize your quilting in 2024.

Key Benefits of Quilting Fabric Cutters

Quilting fabric cutters provide:

  • Faster cuts: cut fabric layers up to 10x faster than rotary cutters.
  • More precise cuts: cut shapes, strips, and pieces with perfect accuracy every time for precise piecing.
  • Less waste: These machines maximize fabric usage and reduce waste through aligned cuts.
  • Labor saving: eliminate hand fatigue, slipping rulers, and crooked cuts.
  • Design flexibility: cut an endless variety of shapes and block layouts without dies or templates.

Now let’s examine the top recommended quilting fabric cutters for 2024.

1. AccuQuilt GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter

The AccuQuilt GO! Big leads the pack when it comes to power and versatility.

This flagship model offers:

  • Full automation: smooth electric operation for hands-free cutting.
  • Extra-large cuts – 14 inch width capacity handles large quilt blocks or multiple pieces.
  • Safety features – Fully enclosed blade and emergency stop button.
  • Bonus software includes Go! Quilt design software for custom quilt layouts.

The GO! Big makes light work of high-volume quilting projects. Its vast die collection and quilting pattern library offer unlimited design options.

Ideal for: Dedicated quilters completing multiple large quilts per year.

2. AccuQuilt GO! Me

The Go! Me packs impressive cutting power into a smaller package.

Key features include:

  • Portability: lightweight at just 12 pounds for taking classes or retreats.
  • Great for beginners; easy to operate and transport.
  • Cost savings: significant discount from the GO! Big model.

While narrower at a 10.5-inch width capacity, the GO! Me still handles most standard quilt blocks, strips, and pieces.

It’s an ideal entry-level machine for learning accurate cutting fundamentals.

Ideal for: Beginner and intermediate quilters focused on smaller projects.

3. QuiltCut2 All-In-One Fabric Cutter

The QuiltCut2 system takes a different approach by empowering rotary cutter accuracy and control.

It stands out with:

  • No dies are required; it maximizes existing ruler and rotary cutter collections.
  • Unlimited shapes: Cut any straight-sided piece precisely.
  • Thick fabric capacity: slice up to 10 layers of fabric per pass.

This innovative cutter handles 90-degree squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, and more with ease. Specialty acrylic inserts are available for 60-degree shapes.

The QuiltCut2 is ideal for quilters who value flexible design options and minimal supplies.

Ideal for: quilters who dislike dies or want maximum cut flexibility.

Key Considerations When Purchasing

With an overview of the top recommended models complete, let’s examine key factors quilters should consider when selecting a fabric cutting machine:

Cutting Width Capacity

Confirm the maximum width the machine can slice in a single pass. Typical capacities range from 10.5 to 14 inches. Consider your typical project and block sizes.

Die Requirements

Some cutters require proprietary dies to function, while others work with rulers. Die offers consistency but limits flexibility.

Safety Features

Look for a fully enclosed cutting chamber, safety sensors, emergency stop buttons, blade covers, and other features that enhance safe operation.

Specialty Software

Certain cutters include free cloud-based software for designing quilts and selecting coordinated dies. This provides a huge added value.


Quilting cutters range from $150 to over $700. Evaluate the required features against your budget.

Start Cutting with Confidence

With knowledge of the top recommended models and key considerations in hand, you can confidently select the best quilting fabric cutter to meet your creative vision, project scope, and budget.

Accurate, effortless cutting will unlock new efficiency and inspiration as you quilt. Share your experiences with these revolutionary tools with the quilting community!