The Best CNC Lathe Machine Brands for Your Business

Looking for a high-quality CNC lathe machine for your business? Check out our list of the best CNC lathe machine brands to help you make the right decision.

The Best CNC Lathe Machine Brands for Your Business

Investing in a CNC lathe can significantly boost productivity and efficiency for manufacturing businesses that produce custom metal parts. CNC (computer numerical control) lathes utilize automated operation to precisely shape workpieces from bar stock or blocks of material. They offer key advantages over manual lathes like consistency, speed, precision, and flexibility.

When selecting the best CNC lathe machine brand for your needs, key factors to evaluate include:

  • Size/Swing Capacity: The maximum diameter of workpieces the machine can handle. This determines the scope of parts you can produce.
  • Spindle Power: Measured in horsepower (HP), more power allows faster spindle speeds and heavier cuts.
  • Precision/Accuracy: The tolerance/precision capabilities of the machine based on components like ballscrews, guides, encoders, etc.
  • Automation: Optional automation features like part catchers, gantry loaders, and robot integration for lights-out production.
  • Cost: Both the initial purchase price and long-term productivity gains from the machine’s capabilities.

This article profiles four of the top CNC lathe brands on the market to consider and breaks down their key strengths and offerings.

Haas Automation

Overview: Haas Automation is the largest CNC machine tool builder in the western world. This U.S.-based company offers a full range of CNC lathes manufactured at their factory in Oxnard, California.

Key Strengths:

  • Reliability: Haas CNC lathes feature rugged designs made with quality components for consistent, uninterrupted operation.
  • Affordability: Their lathes provide top-tier capabilities at very reasonable prices. Great value for money spent.
  • Fast Delivery: As a made-in-USA product usually available off-the-shelf, Haas lathes have short lead times of just 1-2 months.

Models: Haas makes numerous CNC lathe models across a range of sizes, with swing capacities ranging from 10-26 inches and spindle speeds up to 4500 RPM. Two of their most popular CNC lathe lines include:

  • ST Series: Well-rounded, standard CNC lathes offered in 10”, 15”, and 20” swing sizes. Deliver precision and reliability at excellent prices.
  • DS Series: high-performance dual-spindle CNC lathes that allow simultaneous processing of two parts, maximizing productivity. Offered in 15”, 20”, and 26” swing sizes.


Overview: Mazak is the world’s largest builder of machine tools, including an extensive portfolio of advanced CNC turning centers and lathes. The Japanese company is renowned globally for very intelligent, automated, and fast precision machine tools.

Key Strengths:

  • Automation: Mazak lathes feature outstanding automation options like gantry loaders, bar feeders, part catchers, and robot integration capabilities.
  • Speed & Power: Their machines deliver extremely fast spindle speeds matched with high-torque spindles for aggressive metal removal rates.
  • Precision: exceptional precision across their lathe line owing to quality components and superb engineering.

Models: Mazak manufactures over a dozen CNC lathe model lines, covering a vast range of sizes and applications. Two of their flagship CNC turning centers include:

  • Quick Turn Smart Series: compact, high-performance turning centers with 8” chuck sizes, 6000 RPM, and automation readiness. Deliver a done-in-one production.
  • INTEGREX i Series: revolutionary multi-tasking machines combining turning and milling capabilities for complete machined parts in a single setup.

DMG Mori

Overview: DMG Mori is a global leading machine tool manufacturer formed from a merger of German and Japanese CNC companies. Their innovative lathes are engineered for high-efficiency machining.

Key Strengths:

  • Diverse Portfolio: an extensive range of CNC lathes to meet virtually any production turning need. Sizes from 5” to 105” chuck capacities.
  • Intelligent Technology: DMG Mori lathes feature smart technology like integrated sensors and automation readiness for Industry 4.0 environments.
  • Precision & Stability: excellent dimensional accuracy and surface finishes owing to top-quality components and thermal stability.

Models: DMG Mori offers more than a dozen CNC lathe model lines. Two of their most popular precision turning centers are:

  • CT Series: Universal CNC turning centers with power, precision, and milling capabilities. Offered in chuck sizes up to 23”.
  • NTX Series: robust turning machines with twin spindles and turrets for complete machining in a single setup.


Overview: Okuma is a major machine tool builder known for their innovative CNC lathes, machining centers, and automation solutions. This Japanese company focuses on productivity-maximizing designs.

Key Strengths

  • Precision: Okuma CNC lathes deliver incredibly precise dimensions and surface finishes thanks to superb mechanical engineering.
  • Reliability: robust construction with top-quality components results in consistent production and minimal downtime.
  • Automation: Okuma offers some of the industry’s best automation integrations, like gantry loaders, bar feeders, and robotic part handling.

Models: Okuma produces an extensive range of precision CNC lathes. Two of their most popular production-oriented models include:

  • LU Series: Workhorse horizontal CNC lathes are available in lengths up to 20 feet and chuck sizes up to 32 inches.
  • MULTUS Series: Universal turning centers with twin-spindles, turrets, and milling capabilities for complete parts in one setup.

Key CNC Lathe Buying Considerations

When investing in a CNC lathe for your manufacturing operation, start by outlining the types of parts you intend to produce. This determines the required size, power, precision level, and automation needs:

  • Swing Capacity: The maximum diameter of the workpiece the lathe can handle. Sizes generally range from 8” to 32” for most production lathes.
  • Spindle Power: Measured in horsepower (HP), higher power allows faster speeds and heavier cutting loads. 5–20 HP is typical for production lathes up to 20″ in diameter.
  • Precision: The dimensional accuracy and surface finish capabilities are often measured in thousandths of an inch (0.001”). Precision standards vary widely based on industry and part requirements.
  • Automation: Production volume requirements dictate the need for automation accessories like bar feeders, gantry loaders, part catchers, etc. These accelerate cycle times and enable lights-out operation.
  • Advanced Features: Other considerations include C-axis milling capabilities, live tooling, and multi-axis configurations for advanced part geometries.

CNC lathes range dramatically in cost based on size, power, features, and precision. The budget also needs to account for installation, training, maintenance, and tooling expenses over the machine’s lifespan.


When selecting the best CNC lathe brand for your manufacturing business, Haas, Mazak, DMG Mori, and Okuma stand out as top precision metal-cutting machine contenders. Key factors include swing capacity and spindle power to handle your intended workpieces, precision level to meet your tolerance demands, automation capabilities based on production volumes, and, of course, budget. By matching machine specifications closely to your production needs, you’ll maximize productivity and return on investment.

To discuss your specific part production goals and receive personalized CNC lathe recommendations for your operation, request a free machine tool consultation. Their team of manufacturing experts can assess your workflow, requirements, and budget to suggest the ideal CNC lathe models and brands for optimal results. Reach out today to get started!