Best Used CNC Milling Machines You Can Buy in 2024

Discover the best used CNC milling machines you can buy today. This comprehensive guide explores top brands, factors to consider when buying, and how your business can benefit from these machines.

The Best Used CNC Milling Machines You Can Buy

Computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines are essential equipment for many manufacturing businesses looking to improve productivity and efficiency. When purchasing used CNC milling equipment, there are several key factors businesses should consider to find a reliable and high-performing machine that meets their specific needs and budget.

This article provides an overview of top considerations and recommendations on some of the best-used CNC vertical and horizontal milling machines available from major equipment manufacturers and dealers.

Key Selection Criteria for Used CNC Milling Machines

When evaluating used CNC milling machines, here are the most important aspects to consider:

  • Business requirements: size, features, and capabilities needed to handle a typical workload and machining applications. Consider part sizes, materials, tolerances, automation needs, etc.
  • Machine condition: age, hours of operation, maintenance records, evidence of damage or excessive wear. Thorough inspection is essential.
  • Brand reputation: Seek out equipment from manufacturers with a proven track record for reliability, precision, and performance over decades of service.
  • Price and availability: used equipment pricing can vary greatly depending on age, condition, and brand. Compare options to find the best value model that fits your budget.

Carefully weighing these criteria will help buyers invest in a used CNC mill with confidence that it can deliver the productivity gains their business needs.

Vertical machining centers (VMCs) perform milling operations with the spindle axis oriented vertically. This makes them well suited for high precision and heavy cutting work. Here are some of the top used VMC models and brands to consider from leading CNC equipment manufacturers and machine tool builders:

Haas VF Series Vertical Machining Centers

  • Known globally for reliability, accuracy and versatility, with over 50 different models catering to various industries
  • Offer a wide range of sizes and options to handle small to high-volume production runs
  • Feature rigid construction, fast rapid traverses and spindle speeds up to 15,000 RPM for heavy-duty cutting

Fadal VMC Series Vertical Machining Centers

  • Provide high-performance machining capabilities while maintaining affordability compared to other CNC machine brands
  • Rugged box-way construction delivers stability and dampening under heavy loads and vibration
  • Well suited for aerospace, medical and other industries requiring tight-tolerance machining

DMG Mori NHX Series Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Designed for continuous, high-volume production environments and handling heavy cutting loads
  • Built with long-lasting stability and thermal consistency to maintain tight tolerances
  • Offer large work envelopes and pallet systems that enable extended unmanned machining

Horizontal machining centers (HMCs) perform milling operations with the spindle axis oriented horizontally. Their unique configuration provides versatility for handling large or complex parts. Here are some exceptional horizontal CNC machining centers to consider:

Mazak HCN Series Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Highly regarded for productivity and precision when machining complex 3D contours
  • Designed for stability with heavy-duty one-piece bed construction and box-way design
  • Feature powerful 50+ HP spindles and large tool storage capacity for lights-out production

Okuma Horizontal Milling Machines

  • Provide fast, continuous machining capability with twin pallet design for automatic workpiece exchange
  • Thermal displacement control maintains accuracy during long periods of unmanned operation
  • Offer wide range of sizes and options for handling small to very large workpieces

Key Takeaways on Investing in Used CNC Milling Machines

When investing in used CNC milling equipment, carefully evaluate the machine condition, brand reputation, features, and capabilities to ensure it meets your business needs for productivity and precision machining.

Seeking out equipment from globally recognized manufacturers like HaasMazak or Okuma that have decades of experience building high-performance, reliable machines can provide great long-term value if properly maintained.

Always verify maintenance records and perform a thorough inspection prior to purchase. This will help avoid investing in equipment that may require significant repair costs down the road or fail to deliver expected performance gains.


Purchasing reliable used CNC vertical and horizontal milling machines requires carefully weighing key factors like business requirements, machine condition, brand reputation, and acquisition cost.

Seeking out equipment from leading manufacturers with proven longevity and precision can provide exceptional value. Performing due diligence to verify equipment condition and maintenance history prior to purchase is strongly advised.

When the right CNC milling machine is selected to meet production needs and workloads, businesses can benefit from years of enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved profitability.