Top 10 Waterjet Cutting Machines in 2024: Prices and Features

Waterjet cutting machines are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. This article lists the prices and features of the top 10 waterjet cutting machines in 2023.

Top 10 Waterjet Cutting Machines in 2023: Prices and Features

Waterjet cutting utilizes a high pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive to accurately cut through almost any material with no heat distortion or discoloration. Waterjet machines are highly versatile computer numerical control (CNC) tools used across industries including metal fabrication, stone cutting, precision part manufacturing, food processing, and more.

As waterjet technology continues advancing, machines are getting faster, more powerful, and increasingly capable of achieving complex cuts with tight tolerances. Whether you’re looking for a high end industrial scale waterjet or a more compact affordable model, there are excellent options on the market covering a wide range of budgets and applications.

Here is an overview of 10 top waterjet machines that represent the best across available in 2024, including key details on specifications, features and pricing.

1. Flow Mach 700 Series

The Flow Mach 700 series from Flow International represents the premium end of industrial waterjet cutters. These heavy duty abrasive waterjet machines are built for 24/7 operation under demanding production environments.

Key specifications and features:

  • Table sizes: 13’ x 26’, 13’ x 49’, 13’ x 79’
  • Utilizes Dynamic Waterjet® cutting heads for high speed, high precision cutting
  • HyPlex® Prime intensifier pump rated at 60,000 psi maximum pressure
  • Advanced motion control and software for multi-axis cutting
  • Starting price around $350,000 depending on size and configuration

With cutting heads powered by Flow’s Dynamic Waterjet technology that allows for accurate taper compensation, the Flow Mach 700 Series waterjets can achieve exceptional precision and positional accuracy even at high speeds. These large format machines are ideal for manufacturers needing to cut high mix low volume parts or process large metal, stone or composite workpieces.

2. OMAX 2626 JetMachining Center

The OMAX 2626 JetMachining Center is a versatile, mid-sized abrasive waterjet machine well suited to prototyping and low to mid production cutting.

Key features and specifications:

  • Cutting area of 26” x 26”
  • Tilt-A-Jet® cutting head provides cutting head versatility
  • 55,000 psi HyperPressure pump technology
  • Intelli-MAX® software simplifies setup and operation
  • Priced around $150,000

This mid-sized waterjet from OMAX offers a substantial 26” x 26” cutting area paired with the efficient 55,000 psi HyperPressure pump to yield excellent cutting power. The Tilt-A-Jet cutting heads provide angled cutting capability for bevels and 3D cutting. Intelli-MAX software handles CAD/CAM integration and makes it easy to optimize cutting parameters. The OMAX 2626 abrasive jet machining center is a flexible solution able to cut material up to 8” thick with precision and efficiency.

3. KMT Streamline PRO-2 5-Axis

The KMT Streamline PRO-2 5-axis waterjet machines are designed to achieve accurate taper and angle compensation through coordinated motion control of all axes.

Key specifications:

  • Cutting area up to 120” x 60”
  • 5-axis cutting with taper compensation
  • 50 hp KMT intensifier pump
  • Designed for use with KMT’s cutting heads
  • Pricing starts around $250,000

This 5-axis abrasive waterjet system allows programming and cutting of complex 3D shapes including bevels and angles not possible on standard 3-axis waterjets. The advanced software and motion control coordinates all five axes simultaneously to compensate for taper and accurately cut parts to the programmed geometry. The KMT Streamline PRO-2 waterjet is ideal for cutting complex curved, angled, or multi-sided parts out of metal, glass, plastics, composites and more.

4. WARDJet A-Series

The WARDJet A-Series waterjet machines provide economical and compact abrasive waterjet cutting capabilities.

Key features:

  • Small footprint models down to 2’ x 4’
  • 55,000 psi advanced pressure systems
  • Cutting areas up to 5’ x 10’
  • Interfaces with all major CAD/CAM software
  • Pricing starts around $50,000

These affordable WARDJet waterjet cutter models are designed to provide full-sized waterjet cutting performance in a small package able to fit through standard doorways and requiring minimal floorspace. The 55,000 psi advanced pressure systems deliver efficient cutting comparable to more expensive pumps. With cutting areas up to 5’ x 10’, A-Series waterjet machines are surprisingly productive for their compact size.

5. Hypertherm HyPrecision Waterjet

The Hypertherm HyPrecision is a versatile mid-range waterjet cutting system suited to both production and research settings.

Key details:

  • Cutting areas from 5’ x 5’ up to 16’ x 32’
  • Dynamic Waterjet with Rotary Axis options
  • 50 hp Hyplex intensifier pump from Hypertherm
  • Motion control systems and CAM software
  • Pricing starts around $150,000

This mid-range abrasive waterjet machine provides the flexibility of configurable cutting areas paired with advanced pump and cutting head technologies. Researchers benefit from the optional Dynamic Waterjet features providing precise taper compensation. For production shops, the system offers large format cutting areas and software to efficiently run around the clock operations. With prices starting around $150,000, the Hypertherm HyPrecision waterjet combines proven technologies into a versatile system at a reasonable price point.

6. Techni Waterjet Intec G2 Series

Techni Waterjet offers the Intec G2 customizable series of waterjet cutting systems where each machine is engineered to order.

Key specifications:

  • Cutting areas from 3’ x 5’ to over 10’ x 20’
  • Accuracy up to ±0.004”
  • 200mm maximum cutting thickness
  • Customized accessories and software solutions
  • Pricing starts around $100,000

This made-to-order waterjet machine series allows buyers to outfit their system specifically for their planned application, whether optimizing for precision, high volume production, or specialized cutting. With cutting areas up to over 10’ x 20’, maximum cutting thickness of 8 inches, and micron level accuracy, the Techni Waterjet Intec G2 series waterjets can take on the most demanding jobs. Starting prices around $100,000 make these customizable systems surprisingly affordable.

7. Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet

The Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry waterjet cutter is purpose built for high volume production environments.

Key details:

  • Cutting areas from 5’ x 10’ up to 21’ x 148’
  • UHP pump options up to 94,000 psi pressure
  • Programmable Z-axis with 12” clearance
  • Advanced safety features and software
  • Pricing starts around $200,000

These large format Mid Rail Gantry waterjet machines are designed for extended shifts of high-mix high production cutting. The massive cutting areas paired with available 94,000 psi ultra high pressure pumps make these waterjet systems well suited to cutting thick metal plate or demanding composites like GFRP or CFRP. With rugged construction, advanced software and monitoring, and a programmable Z-axis, the Jet Edge Mid Rail Gantry waterjet maximizes production uptime when running 24/7.

8. Koike Aronson ShopJet

The Koike Aronson ShopJet is an economical waterjet machine providing full size cutting performance in a compact footprint.

Key specifications:

  • Small footprint down to just 4’ x 4’ cutting area
  • Cuts material up to 2” thickness
  • 50 hp intensifier pump options
  • Includes FlashCut CAD/CAM software
  • Pricing starts around $100,000

Even with its small size occupying less than 20 square feet, this affordable ShopJet waterjet provides a full 50 hp pump enabling it to cut metal, stone, plastics up to 2 inches thick. The included FlashCut software handles CAD/CAM programming and directly interfaces with the controller. With pricing starting under $100,000, the compact Koike Aronson ShopJet waterjet brings this versatile cutting technology within reach of small job shops.

9. Finepart Micro Waterjet Cutters

Finepart provides micro waterjet machines built for small, intricate cutting work.

Key details:

  • Cutting areas from 1.5’ x 3’ down to 1’ x 1’
  • Ultra-high pressure pumps up to 6,200 bar
  • Designed for small, intricate cuts requiring high precision
  • Includes IGEMS CAM programming software
  • Pricing starts around $50,000

These micro waterjet cutters achieve a level of precision impossible through any other process, making intricate cuts smaller than a human hair. With cutting areas under 1 square foot paired with ultra-high pressure pumps, Finepart’s micro waterjet machines are purpose built for small delicate work like cutting medical stents, precision drilling holes, or decorative cuts in jewelry or glass. Starting prices around $50,000 make this exclusive technology surprisingly affordable considering the micro precision cutting capabilities unlocked.

10. WAZER Desktop Waterjet Cutter

The WAZER desktop waterjet puts waterjet cutting technology into a compact, affordable package perfect for small shops, schools, and even home hobbyists.

Key specifications:

  • Cutting area of 12” x 18”
  • Plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Free web-based software for CAD/CAM
  • Cuts metal, stone, glass, plastics, composites
  • Base model priced at $9,999

Incredibly, this desktop waterjet cutter plugs into a standard 120 volt wall outlet while still providing enough cutting power to accurately and cleanly cut through materials like stainless steel up to 0.5” thick. The included web-based software makes it easy to turn your designs into precision cut parts. With a base price under $10,000, the WAZER brings professional quality waterjet cutting down to the desktop at an affordable price.


Waterjet cutting technology continues rapidly advancing, with systems today combining large cutting areas, ultra high pressure pumps, versatile multi-axis cutting heads, and advanced software automation. With prices spanning from under $10,000 for desktop models up to over $350,000 for fully automated large format waterjets, there are excellent systems available at almost every price level.

Whether you’re looking for high precision or high volume cutting, cutting intricate small components or massive large workpieces, waterjet machining has opened up versatile, affordable, and highly accurate options across the capability spectrum. With this overview of the top waterjet cutters available in 2024, you can zero in on the best machines matching your cutting requirements.

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